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General Practitioners - Consult Report

With the Consult Report tool practitioners can generate more income.

Support payment and reimbursements:

Reduce your own risks by using evidence-based documentation of your assessment:

Share the documented evidence-based assessment with consulting physician(s)

Standardize work flows with evidence-based evaluations to reduce staff work and phone time

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Just-in-Time Knowledge Support

With the largest medical calculator platform available worldwide, we provide thousands of analytics for an immense range of conditions. Sophisticated browsing and searching allows healthcare professionals to identify the most appropriate calculator for almost any clinical situation and reference suggested additional relevant calculators.

Our online calculators give instantaneous results from the clinical data provided. Relevant just-in-time knowledge reduces time demands on physicians, giving them more time to see patients. In a world where payment is fixed, predictive analytics are becoming important tools which enable physicians to see more patients in less time, yet provide better care.

Online Clinical Calculators Support Medical Decisions

Clinicians know how important it is to double-check work to ensure compliance with regulatory demands. Decision support tools make this task much easier. These quick tools complement clinical decisions with validation from evidence-based scientific research.

Calculators are classified by ICD-10 codes to assist with pre-authorizations, administration, compliance, and billing. Each analytic includes complete references, documentation, and interpretation of the results.

Sample Calculators

Our knowledge base includes thousands of useful medical calculators for providers. Below are a few samples that can aid in clinical decision making to obtain appropriate diagnoses and better outcomes.

Insurance Companies, Health Care Payers and Government Agencies

Review applications of new members

Review applications of new members without the necessity to involve a medical doctor

Assess the severity of existing preconditions as to the premium requirements using the evidence-based medical analytics.

Automated Medical Decision Making

Usage of automated medical decision-making is growing rapidly. Medical analytics facilitate efficient management of a wide range of health conditions. Accurate data combined with predictive analytics gives healthcare payers tools to make comparisons, thus improving care and reducing unnecessary costs.

Medical calculators arm payer organizations with the tools they need to:

Medical Calculators Improve Cost Economics

Use of medical calculators will increase as electronic medical record (EMR) data becomes more integrated. Collecting and analyzing data systematically can provide payers with comparison models to develop meaningful measures of healthcare value. With such knowledge, payers can incentivize providers to improve patient care at lower overall costs.

Insurance companies can get verification of medical issues by using medical calculators. There are thousands of analytics in medicine, and many are immensely useful to check on rare conditions and review potentially expensive treatment plans. With a medical calculator, payers can easily get an independent verification from scientific, evidence-based professional analytics.

Sample Calculators

Incorporating medical calculators into the reimbursement process can give payers powerful evaluation capabilities to simulate a clinician’s decision making process. These tools will help payers effectively contain costs while still assuring quality care. Below are a few samples of medical calculators that will arm payers with this valuable medical knowledge.

Medical Data, EHR Firms and Healthcare Information Management Companies

EHR Integration

APIs for SMART on FHIR. Our analytics and APIs are ready for integration into all major EHRs with SMART on FIHR technology.

Our API specifications and technology implementation are described in the DEVELOPER tab on the website.

Analytics Based on Peer-Reviewed Medical Research

The Medical Algorithms Company provides access to an extensive platform of clinical analytics. All our analytics are from evidence-based and peer-reviewed scientific research from practicing clinicians and research organizations. Our medical calculators include online analytics complete with references, informative documentation, and interpretation of results.

Analytics Transform Medical Data Companies into Intelligent Systems

Partner with the Medical Algorithms Company to transform your medical information into actionable, intelligent data to realize better outcomes. Join the healthcare automation revolution by integrating our reliable, electronic clinical knowledge with your health IT system to realize greater efficiency, lower costs, more accurate assessments, and better outcomes for patients, physicians, and healthcare payers.

The Medical Algorithms Company is the global leader in medical calculators and analytics for nearly all medical specialties. Medical data companies can link their existing data records to our decision support tools and calculators, and obtain results for their entire population.

EHR or medical data companies will drive adaptation by providers and payers. Integrating our 30,000 medical analytics into an existing clinical database will yield quite valuable information. An innovative data company can pursue a strategy to develop into a leading health analytics provider to hospital systems and payer organizations.

Sample Calculators

Our vast collection of medical knowledge can be used by medical data companies and integrated into EHRs to provide enhanced value and efficiency for clinicians and researchers. Our analytics offer a robust evaluation framework for the plethora of data that’s currently being collected. Below are a few sample calculators that provide context and meaning to raw medical data.

Healthcare Management and Systems Administrators

Medical Guideline Automation

We are working with Perspecta to develop automated medical guidelines powered by Medal.

View "Care Without Boundaries" presentation from Virtual HIMSS 2020

Care Without Boundaries

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Decision Support

Clinicians are diligent about double-checking their work to achieve a high level of professional care. Health analytics can offer valuable support to gain improved outcomes.

Integration of medical calculators into the decision-making process enables standardization of tasks, improving quality and ultimately lower costs. Automation benefits providers and administrators and helps to conquer the challenges of the myriad of healthcare needs.

Evidence-Based Medicine will Grow with Increasing System Integration

The accumulation and increasing use of medical data will accelerate use of clinical decision making tools. Administrators will push for integration with hospital and payer systems. Our calculator platform is facilitating the ongoing transition to a more automated clinical practice. Analytics will transform diagnostics to the point where we expect automated systems to reduce physicians’ busy work. Doctors can be more devoted to the human element of care, while analytics running in the background will assist with diagnostics and administration.


Medical calculators can also assist with various health administration and reimbursement tasks. The entire Medical Algorithms Company collection is classified by ICD-10 codes to support physicians and administrators. The analytics help to confirm medical decisions, improve pre-authorizations, help with billing codes and make reimbursements more reliable.

Health Economics

Relevant just-in-time knowledge reduces time demands on physicians, giving staff more time to see patients. Also, in a world where payment is fixed, predictive analytics are becoming important to reduce time needed per patient.

Medical calculators provide an opportunity to increase efficiency through systematic, standardized metrics. Analytics-based systems can take on more of the technical and cognitive work of medicine. This will greatly improve healthcare quality and economics.

Sample Calculators

Medical analytics can provide substantial benefits to administrators whose goal is controlling costs without compromising quality of care. Analysis of medical outcomes in hospitals and other healthcare settings can be bolstered by utilizing medical calculators through the application of peer-reviewed, evidence-based analysis for just one patient or for a large patient population. Below are sample calculators from our vast knowledge base that can aid administrators charged with these tasks.

Pharmaceutical and Drug Companies, Research Firms, Universities

The Medical Algorithms Company provides pharmaceutical companies and research organizations access to a massive platform of analytics for the diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of diseases and conditions. All calculators are from evidence-based scientific research from practicing clinicians, universities or research organizations. They are complete with references, documentation, and interpretation of the results.

Among the largest groups of users are universities and medical students, who are engaged in most innovative trends and developments in the healthcare space.

Consider having your organization contribute to improved patient outcomes, by sponsoring calculators or specific collections. Sponsorship demonstrates your support (and justification) of certain treatment paths to prescribing physicians.

Improve Service and Telehealth with Medical Analytics

The Medical Algorithms Company provides access to a massive resource of clinical analytics, which are valuable for telehealth providers and retail pharmacy services. Each analytic is classified by ICD-10 codes and bolstered by a sophisticated browsing system for identifying additional relevant analytics. Many calculators are specific to individual patients’ gender, age and other relevant criteria, allowing for rapid diagnosis of common acute conditions.

Our medical calculators include online analytics complete with author references, informative documentation, and interpretation guidelines of the results. All our analytics are from evidence-based and peer-reviewed scientific research by practicing clinicians and research organizations.

Combine Pharmaceutical Knowledge with Diagnostic Analytics

By supplementing professional judgment with diagnostic analytics, pharmacists can get instantaneous decision support on a broad range of conditions. Predictive medical analytics are particularly suited to telehealth providers.

Sample Calculators

Telehealth can use medical calculators to evaluate effectiveness and use of drugs on a patient’s quality of life. A few sample calculators that can be used for these purposes are listed below.